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Teams within organizations need to focus on strategy and how, as a group, they will execute and deliver. We have a unique process to move teams from the visioning process of what an organization contributes to the business landscape to activating a deliberate plan.

We use a highly collaborative group diagramming process that can be conducted live on large plots or done virtually via collaboration tools. We employ a selection of well-tested techniques—Salesforce’s V2MOM process, SWOT analysis, accelerators and hurdles diagramming, group voting alignment activities, Is and Is Not analysis and others—to drive collaboration.

The result is a unified, coherent and tangible strategic plan—built and owned by the team that will deliver it.

core values, Purpose, Mission, Strategy, Objectives

Core Values

Without core values, we lack social norms that hold us accountable to one another and our stakeholders.


Without a purpose, we lack motivation.


Without a mission, we lack clarity.


Without a strategy, we waste resources: time, money, people, etc.

Team and Individual Objectives

Without OKRs, we are unable to measure progress.