Story Telling


Stories are memorable and compelling, and people have long used storytelling as a form of communication to inspire others, recall important moments and offer glimpses into the human elements that comprise leaders and organizations. Innovative business models with vital company cultures recognize that good stories flow throughout an organization—from marketing to leadership. Through stories, leadership gaps shrink. Directives become more palatable. And organizations become more personable. Is it how you’re saying it or what you’re saying? Story is a way to define you or your organization deftly—yet with great potential for impact. Our storytelling lab unfolds the art of storytelling, simplifying the process from beginning to end so that participants can craft purposeful dialogues that are easily appreciated and understood, a tool that can help them drive ideas forward.

Ideal For
Team building, onboarding new hires, defining and nurturing workplace culture, brand building, team and voice identity, celebrating team culture, and leaders or teams that seek to improve overall communication skills.

Storytelling Options
We offer two distinctly different workshops: 1) a straight-up storytelling lab and 2) a day-long, immersive rock ‘n’ roll storytelling experience. Both of these unconventional workshops equip individuals with an effective communication tool, embolden participants, incorporate presentation skills, and galvanize teams and individuals to recognize their potential.

Customized Storytelling Lab
Based on your specific company and goals, we create a customized lab that begins with an exploration of stories in business. Participants learn how to match their own situations and projects to key values that align with your organization’s objectives and identity. With the Gaines Consulting GREAT narrative tool, participants design stories, learn how to pinpoint the audience, select an appropriate voice, whittle information down to a concise missive and, ultimately, deliver a message with impact. Working collaboratively, each team member or group develops and presents one fully realized story.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Storytelling
In this multi-faceted workshop, participants first learn to use story as a technique to reflect upon their unique value for their team as individuals. Once these singular stories are developed, the group comes together to find its cooperative voice, weaving a narrative around team culture, aspirations, goals or value for the organization. Then we turn up the volume by adding local musicians to help convert each team’s story into song, a process that involves the key elements of team building—problem solving, delegation, collaboration and communication—in a challengingly new environment. When teams eventually take the stage to perform, they’ve found their collective voice. Watch how it works.