Result 1

Challenge: Take an already-revered culture and create something innovative to engage new hires and help them feel welcome.
Solution: Gaines Consulting leveraged its GREAT Storytelling program to create an unprecedented new hire orientation process for employees, ideally those within 90 days on the job. Participants are asked to be anthropologists, witnessing a day in their life at the firm and capturing images and impressions from their new work environment. These observations are presented on screen and integrated with storytelling methodology. Then Gaines Consulting adds a twist: Participants are matched with professional studio musicians to create performance stories about their new company culture.
Results: Participants rave about the creative, innovative approach and feel excited to be part of an organization that engages in such an unusual, high-energy program that translates to many professional applications.

Result 2

Challenge: Turn around a culture struggling through severe transition and acquisition in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Rally the executive team to coach and develop their managers while, at the same time, helping drive accountability down in the organization.
Solution: Gaines Consulting rolled out a nine-month Director–EVP series of leadership programs to spark innovation, challenge decision-making processes and build a culture of coaching. The process included peer-coaching trios and executive coaching of key leaders, which included 360 feedback and development planning.
Results: Senior managers have begun to support one another through peer coaching, focusing on the key activities to transform the company. Additionally, managers have begun to draft their own operational strategies, thereby taking ownership of their group’s future. Meetings once seen as mandatory have been scrapped, agendas tightened and only key individuals are invited, which saves hundreds of hours of employee time. Executives are starting to lead their staffs and develop them, as opposed to making decisions on their behalf.

Result 3

Challenge: Help a financial services firm capture the essence of their culture and transition into a new business services space.
Solution: Gaines Consulting worked with senior management to create a series of off-sites to clarify values and operating agreements between partners. Additional work involved a customized employee survey to reveal the most pressing issues in staff development.
Results: The firm rolled out a new performance management process and new senior management team meeting format that invites key managers in for topic deep dives. Additionally, the firm introduced new values and integrated those values into a new business model.

Result 4

Challenge: Help a high-performing company adjust to a new CEO’s vision for the future and adopt fresh expectations of managers.
Solution: Gaines Consulting built a series of leadership modules spread out over several days. These modules ranged from cognitive biases, innovation, data-driven decision-making and team development.
Results: Managers are helping staff assimilate to the new culture and driving expectations about decision-making and staff development. The program has become a significant developmental anchor for all managers, and the company has engaged Gaines Consulting to introduce the curriculum to additional manager cohorts.