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A major challenge for leaders of large organizations is that there is no unified culture—often even in prominent, highly regarded companies. This is true regardless of…lofty mission statements that are written to bind all employees toward a common purpose. Additionally, two out of three employees globally report they do not trust the leadership of their organization. And when trust is low, employees have no interest in making a new strategy work or creating new customer initiatives. (Source: Gallup: Why Some Leaders Have Their Employees’ Trust, and Some Don’t, June 19, 2020)


A leadership philosophy can help unify company culture and establish trust employees by identifying the forces that drive the leader’s decisions, creating an environment for psychological safety within the team, mapping philosophy to implementation, improving consistency in a leader’s decisions and actions, and increasing accountability—for both the leader and their team members.

This program guides participants step by step through an interactive process to craft a personal leadership philosophy.