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Our firm is small and nimble, which enables us to design programs based on the needs of our clients—as opposed to offering stock solutions. We are unique in the way we work and can deliver workshops or trainings branded to integrate seamlessly with your company’s look and feel.

We can build entire programs from scratch or provide a mix-and-match approach with modules from our existing library that are adapted to fit your specific requirements. Whether you seek a multiday team training or a two-hour module for managers, we’ll work together to deliver exactly what you need.

All our programs lean on current research, data, best practices, and our own experience and results from working with exceptional clients.

We are honored to address the many challenges companies and their employees face today, such as change, anxiety, hybrid work, growth, collaboration, company culture, decision-making, psychological safety, team building, performance management, and more.




Constant change is the norm. Without the tools to adapt, anxiety sets in and undermines performance. This module explores and embraces uncertainty, providing the skills needed to recognize the stages of transition and coach people through them.


Coaching for Managers

To thrive, individuals need to find meaning and opportunities in their careers. Manager who use facilitative coaching can motivate employees by helping them tap into their strengths and grow.



Not all decisions are created equal. Understanding the continuum of decision-making and how the process impacts ownership, buy-in and the end results is critical to leadership and teams.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Research shows that diversity can result in increased creativity, stronger innovations, reduced employee turnover and other benefits. But creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment goes far beyond the hiring process.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Certain emotions can trigger regrettable chain reactions. Understanding how the brain processes different experiences and acquiring tools to respond rationally, even in the heat of the moment, leads to better leadership and teamwork.



Deliver recognition and developmental feedback in a way that motivates people to perform their best.


Hybrid Teams

The fundamental needs of a high-functioning team don’t change in a hybrid workplace, but how a manager ensures those needs are met does change.


Leadership Philosophy

The personal values of leaders instruct their every action. A leadership philosophy helps create an environment for psychological safety, clarifies expectations and increases accountability.


Psychological Safety

Research shows that the highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety. Leaders who nurture an environment of psychological safety are rewarded by teams that collaborate well, innovate, and are highly productive.



Through stories, leaders become more human, directives more palatable, and organizations and more interesting.

Learning Cycle

Learning Cycle

One of the most vexing challenges for a manager to navigate is assessing when and how to instruct, guide, empower or spark an employee. The learning cycle looks to demystify the conundrum with a clear and concise way to identify the motivation and skill of an employee for the task at hand.