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The fundamental needs of a team are no different whether employees are in the office five days a week or not. Work is not a place—it’s what people do. Nonetheless, leadership in a hybrid workplace involves new management skills that combine emotional intelligence (EQ) with the ability to foster psychological safety, celebrate success and provide developmental feedback, and coach employees to help them grow in their careers and thrive.

For this innovative program, Gaines Consulting developed original interactive exercises designed specifically to construct meaningful leadership philosophies and demonstrate the importance of team norms—two underlying elements especially critical when managing hybrid teams.


Our multi-session, data-driven hybrid work program leverages findings from Google, Microsoft, the National Bureau of Economic Research, Harvard Business Review, and leading management consulting firms that research the challenges and advantages of a hybrid workplace. The workshops explore best practice for managing hybrid teams and offers leaders a plethora of tools specifically designed to navigate in a hybrid work environment.