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We pride ourselves on being nimble. Our size gives us the ability to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and focus on their bottom line—not our overhead. At the same time, we focus on only a few proposals and eventual clients at any given time.

Because we’re a consulting firm, as opposed to a training firm, we have a unique way of approaching projects: We can draw from our existing reservoir of curriculum and facilitate a training (virtual or live at any location), or we can build a customized program and deliver the final product packaged as your company brand. The latter option gives you ownership of the program to use internally as often as you like.

Given our fastidious nature, we like to clarify our role and our client’s needs early. Therefore, we work with these assumptions in place:

  • Our clients see the potential of Gaines Consulting as an outsourced, extra set of hands for design and delivery (not just a vendor).
  • Our clients want to partner with a firm that offers flexibility, as well as a broad experience base beyond academia (not narrow commoditized solutions and assessments).