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If there’s one area of consulting on a rocket-ship ride of growth, it’s executive coaching. With the rocket has come an onslaught of coaches into the field. We’re sensitive to the changes and vigilant about what we define as coaching and who we allow to coach our clients. Our executive coaches have business experience. They relate with empathy and awareness, drawing out information from clients to land on solutions that will stick.

We’re not afraid to tackle complex situations with our coaching clients, such as:

  • What kind of conscious leader do I want to be, and how can I best serve this company?
  • How do I engage my board appropriately?
  • How can I address an activist company culture?
  • What are the best ways to deal with a high performer who is disruptive to others?
  • I am on boarding new executive team members. How can I best integrate them into the team?
  • How do I set up workstreams and drive accountability in the organization?

Coaching Works

Coaching works—at least with the right clients: Willing and able are the two qualities we seek in prospective clients because without a mutual understanding of what’s ahead and committing to go there, our work is impossible. And while there are many ways to coach, we believe it’s imperative to first establish trust with our clients. In return, we do the homework required to recognize the company culture that forms the backdrop of each assignment. This allows us to develop an approach that’s compatible. This flexibility means we can leverage the appropriate development programs and tools.

Experience Matters

Gaines Consulting’s coaches are experienced at debriefing and interpreting the most commonly used 360-degree surveys and are highly qualified to assist executives in designing and implementing development plans. Additionally, in the spectrum of executive coaching that lies between reflective (like a psychotherapist) and consultative (like a business plan consultant), we ride the middle. We ask questions, drawing out discussions that wed clients to ideas and suggest new concepts to road test. No matter which path, we always involve the manager throughout the process to align goals and ensure our approach is helpful and relevant.